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Zavičajna nastava

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Zavičajna nastava


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We recently had the honor of working on a web development project for Zavičajna nastava, an initiative led by the Istrian region.

Our task was to create a responsive and presentational website that effectively communicates the goals and objectives of the project, which aims to preserve the native identity of Istria by introducing native teaching and traditional culture into pre-school institutions, primary, and secondary schools in the Istrian County.

Through meticulous planning and execution, we designed a website that serves as a comprehensive platform for documenting and presenting the implementation of the Zavičajna nastava project. Visitors to the site can explore various documents, reports, and presentations that highlight the progress and achievements of the initiative.

The website features engaging multimedia content, including photos, videos, and interactive maps, that showcase the rich cultural heritage of Istria and the importance of preserving its native identity. We also incorporated user-friendly navigation menus and search functionality to help visitors easily find the information they're looking for.

In addition to documenting the implementation of the project, the website serves as a hub for resources and educational materials related to Istrian culture and tradition. Teachers, students, and community members can access lesson plans, activities, and multimedia resources to further explore and celebrate Istria's unique heritage.

Our team paid special attention to ensuring that the website is accessible and inclusive to all users, including those with disabilities. We implemented features such as alt text for images and keyboard navigation to ensure that everyone can fully engage with the content.

Overall, the Zavičajna nastava website serves as a valuable tool for promoting and preserving the native identity of Istria for future generations. 

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