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Crocon Ltd.





The web development cooperation with Crocon, a leading provider of maritime services and products, was an exciting project. Our team had the opportunity to build a modern and professional website for them. The main goal of the website was to showcase their top-quality maritime navigation and complex systems.

We started the project with a thorough analysis of their business needs and requirements. Our team then designed a modern and user-friendly website, powered with a CMS that allowed for easy content management. The website was also optimized for search engines, ensuring that it would rank highly in search results.

The visual design of the website was also a key focus of the project. We created an attractive and modern design that reflected Crocon's brand and values. The website was designed to be responsive and mobile-friendly, ensuring that it looked great on all devices.

The final result was a professional and polished website that showcased Crocon's services and products in the best possible light. The website was awarded by the AWWW awards, which recognized the high quality of the design and development.

Overall, the cooperation with Crocon was a great success, and we were proud to have delivered a modern and professional website that exceeded their expectations.

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